oh it's so late

but i just don't feel sleepy

i'm super comfy though

these new underwear let me feel the blanket all the way up my leg

it's stressful

i feel like everyone is going to notice i'm wearing crotch underwear

even though that is impossible

unless i like stripped in public or something

or unless they had x ray vision

i am always afraid that the people have x ray vision
and they're looking under my pants to see what kind of underwear i'm wearing.

there's actually never people there but i worry about it so much

i start to see them in my head

they hover around me like a bunch of eyeballs and their whites are yellows

and their irises are orange and their pupils are real bright red
or normal black

(it depends)

despite all this worry i still wear underwear

i'm afraid that if i didn't they would see my JUNK