someday i will wake up and the sun will be shining i will make myself breakfast without hesitating and i'll eat just the right amount of food. i'll leave the house in a timely fashion and i won't have to run to catch the bus anymore. i'll sit comfortably in the chair i want to and i won't squint too much and i won't listen to my music too loud. i'll get off at my stop without having to stumble and i'll meet you there where we talked about. you'll hug me and i'll hug you back and i won't feel awkward talking to one of my best friends. we'll walk around and do exactly what we wanted to, without any delays or detours or stress.

But it's just not realistic...

class =zzzz" because how do i know that there is really a person behind your eyes when i look st them? hwo do i know if i how do i know when i look at myself in the mirror that besides me existxs?


None of this has to be real.

if i close my

eyes i
don't have to be here if i close my eyes i can be a swedish businessman if i close my eyes i can be teaching english to kids in montenegro

none of this has to be real