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How can life be this boring



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i just beat the game and...



i don't even know what to say

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oh wait you're buying a new mic tomorrow?



i said that yesterday

hi moira

i beat the game!



The ending was...


You absolutely have to play it now.



also i want to learn this on piano.

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Is your spacebar broken?



So then why are all those words mashed together?

They're German words

You can do that in German.

We talked about it today in class.

Why weren't you in school today?

Warum war du nicht in der Schule?

I was in school.

I just left my pc signed in...

ok. Just wondering

Pinky boongaronga shinies!

Okay is that even an offical language

It's Oatmealese.

Translation please?

Pink worthless junk.


Are you ok?

Yeah I'm just tired.

I still feel kind of sick

And I didn't have a great day at school.


I'm sorry.

You seemed kind of tired.

I wanted to talk about something but we don't have to rn

No no no

Talk about it! It's ok

Tell me what happened at school first!

Ugh well

My math quiz just didn't go well

I'm pretty sure I bombed it

Even though I've been studying nonstop

Oh that sucks.

At least

When you get it back you can see what you did wrong

And learn from that?

Yeah I know but still


I get it

And this new guy in my class

He acts like I have the plague.

He won't get anywhere near me and he calls me stinky.



No just that he said stinky


He sounds pretty immature

Did you say anything to him?


oh ok

== 21:00 ==

Sorry I'm back the dog pooped in the house


I told him to stop being rude and that he had no right to do so.

Your dog??!??

No the new guy in my class

Oh yeah

How did he respond?

sorry brb again



(My mom was griping at me about the dishes.)

The guy didn't say anything.

It wouldn't be such a big deal if there weren't. Like. Only 12 people in my grade.

So. I hope he stops

Can I just say

That you're pretty awesome for standing up to him and telling him to stop

thanks XD

hey when you get a sec can you send me the download link to the game?

Yea sure

Also didn't you wanna talk about something?

Umm yeah

What was it?

It's something that really irks me.

So a couple of days ago my mom wasn't able to pick me up after school.

So my uncle picked me up.

And he asked how I was and such, the usual conversation topics. Then he asks me if I have a girlfriend yet, and I say "No."

And he says, "Oh, ok, well then who's your boyfriend?"

And I say, "I don't have a boyfriend either." As nicely as i possible can.

And he's like, "Oh. Okay."

And nothing weird happened after that.

But that uncle isn't the only one who does it- all my friends do it, too, but I forgive them because they're friends.

The end.

I mean, you realize...

Just because you don't have a girlfriend doesn't mean you don't have a boyfriend.


But I'm not gay!

And I've said that several times.

People are just trying to be accepting!

I wish more people here were like that

But there's nothing to accept!

What do you mean?

I just don't like people like that.

I'm sure someday I will but

idk idk idk idk


It's just very annoying because everybody at school now, all they talk about is sexy stuff and whatever and I can't relate

they shoved this picture in my face


they were like


i'm like i don't feel that way

and they're like "NO you HAVE to feel that way"

That's super annoying.

I'm sorry.

And everybody's like ~in love~

And everybody is having these weird crushes

That I'm pretty sure they're just faking

You think Catnip is faking her crush?





obviously not her

I mean I guess what really frustrates me is it just feels fake

They act like there's no reason to hang out with people if you don't ~like~ them

Ugh yeah

I know some people like that

But it just kind of hurts

Because I can tell they think that about us being friends now too

We don't really talk anymore

We all just sit there, they're all reading whatever comic on their phones, I try to talk to them but it never really goes anywhere

Ah yikes

I like them and know them more than they do any of their "crushes"

Do you see Catnip or Rose at lunch?

No, I have biology with Rose but Catnip doesn't hang out around everyone else now.

Ohhh yeah...

They act like she's some perv

Even though we're just friends?

Even she says that

We like the same stuff and get along

They think that because I don't like her back I have to like get rid of her

either that OR

since I like seeing her I must be in love with her and in denial


That's all so stupid


Maybe you should find other people to sit with at lunch


yea or I might join a club or something after school

If I had a phone I'd just text you during lunch... But...

Still working on that


It's ok

You're still there

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