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I will not be available tonight.

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good morning

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I'll only be on for a bit.



I have to do all my brochures in one night.


ill miss u lol hehehe


will u miss me im leaving to go to jamaica tomorrow



i am leaving for Utah very early Saturday though.

so yeah

ill miss u every day every morning ill think of u


I don't know what to say for that but okay.

I guess that is nice.


will u think about me alot i feel weird asking that...but ill really miss u

I will think about all of my friends a lot.

I will miss them all.

So yeah.

well i EEEE E EEEEE EE E hehehe

of course

i like pie

me too

i like u

You sure?



uk its not hard to be in a relationship just saying but it might be for u srry if thats rude

It's fine.

well omg nvm

== 17:00 ==

im done ik the answer so bye...


well its... well u dont like me that way sooo...

i guess ill have to just get over this feeling if i can...

well i guess... ill go lov u bye...

wait i am sitll conf used

well ik u dont want to be my gf sooo and if its always going to be like that this feeling will grow fast and then idk wat to do so i might just forget about liking u if i can and if its really sad and hard to do...


well and i was hopeing u would ask me before my trip so this stupid feeling wont follow me but i guess its ok

ill just try to forget about it cause ik u dont like me like that so well i guess ill go now im really sad bye


I will have a lot of time to think on the trip

so expect an answer and always have hope



no im serious


is there any way we will get in contact with each other



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hiii ummm im talking to the voice creator plz come back


uhhh ik the voice creator and almost all of them ive known them for a long time and i told EEEE about this and its supposed to be a secret so idk if shell keep it dont freak out

shes going insane

the voice creator they were in the videos

she sounds different right now

im srry


== 22:00 ==

bye jack ill miss u when im on the plane ill look down and miss u im srry if that makes u feel weird just look down at the ground and it will be 5 in the morning good nite i luv u so much good night

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