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[i had an experience the other night that i wish i could have shared with you. i was walking back home from the park, and as i turned onto 16th i saw a man walking down the sidewalk next to the school. he was concentrating really hard, he looked like he was about to blow a gasket. both of his hands were held out. his right one was dripping and he was holding a tiny tree branch shaped like a snake’s tongue. his left hand was just glistening. he was definitely dowsing, but i don’t know for what. yesterday when i went to bed my body was asleep but my mind was awake (i had gone to bed on an empty stomach). someone had let the dog outside to pee and never let him in. he was scratching and whining at the door, and although i was far away, i could hear him in my heart. he whined and scratched again. i had already taken off my shoes. did i have to put them back on again? i had already cleaned my glasses. did i have to clean them again? my dog howled at the door and my stomach churned for him. i got up to open the door for my baby. i warmed myself with my blanket and my hands started dripping with blood. the right side of my nose had broken open. the left side was thick and heavy. the liquid blood from my nose flowed down my face onto my right arm. i broke out in a sweat. my left arm started to glisten. with no way to see i had to hold my arms in front of me as i walked to the door. when i made it, the liquid blood from my fingers ran red over the handle. i opened for my doggie, but he had left. he was gone. my heart sank and the electricity stopped in the air. i looked everywhere in the backyard for him, but i could not find him. i called for him but he never came. i jumped over the fence and sought him. i walked further, to the sidewalk next to the school. i met the man with the stick in his hand. i asked him to help me find my dog, but he didn’t believe me. he took his stick and he beat me with it. he took away my blanket and my phone and left me outside the fence. lying there in the grass i felt like i should probably sing a song. but the only words that came to mind were about my dog. still, i figure that the difference between having a stick and blood in your right hand isn’t that great. so daughters of Jerusalem, i charge you--if you find my doggie, what will you tell him? tell him i am faint with love.]