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02.03.17 -- changelog started. added some basic pages onto the site intro, nothing substantial. can you add javascript to neocities? reminder to add headers

02.22.18 -- almost a year later, added GGG to the sound of rushing water. did other changes in those 12 months but didn't notate

02.24.18 -- i got VVV up and running. today i accidentally sprayed a man at the pottery studio in the face with earth-tone odored water. he said "whup!"

03.13.17 -- i extended VVV but i haven't connected everything yet. i added EEE to the page. the conversation that inspired that page happened 5 years ago now.

03.15.17 -- now a big hunk of VVV is done. i added a very tiny smidge to EEE. i added AAA too. nice!

OCT 14 2019 -- fffasdfgfhgj just added ZZZ

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